Dutch ID Card

Dutch ID Card


You must apply for a Dutch ID card in person at a City Office.



Applying for a Dutch ID card


You must apply for a Dutch ID card in person at a City Office.


  • Must visit a City Office in person. You must make an appointment first.
  • You must hold Dutch nationality and be registered as a resident in Amsterdam, or have a postal address that is registered with the City.

Are you under 18?

Lost or stolen?

If your ID card is lost or has been stolen, you can apply for a new document at a City Office. You can submit an ‘attestation’ at the City Office stating that it was lost or stolen to prevent identity fraud. You do not have to file a police report before applying for a new ID card.

Your ID card was stolen in a foreign country, you need to file a report with the local police there.

Choosing a passport or Dutch ID card?

A Dutch ID card costs less than a passport but is valid in fewer countries. Check the list of countries that recognise an ID card on rijksoverheid.nl.

What you need to bring with you

When you visit the City Office, bring the following:

  • A (passport) photo that satisfies the official requirements. We recommend using a professional photographer.
  • Preferably your debit card for payment, otherwise cash.
  • All of your (expired) Dutch travel documents (passport and ID card)
  • or if you have recently gained Dutch citizenship: your (expired) foreign travel documents and your residence documents from the IND.

How long does an application for a Dutch ID card take?

Your ID card will be ready after 5 working days. You can collect your card in person (by appointment only) or have it delivered to your address.

Costs and validity

You must pay the fees for a ID card when you submit your application.

  • An ID card costs €58.30.
  • An urgent application costs €108.15.

An ID card is valid for 10 years.

Free ID card with a Stadspas (City Pass)

If you have a low income and hold a Stadspas (City Pass) with a green dot, you may apply for a ID card free of charge. You must still pay for passport photos and any additional charges for urgent applications. You can apply for a free ID card for yourself and your children.

Collection or delivery of your ID card

When you apply for the card, you can choose between collecting the ID card or having it delivered to your address. You cannot change this later.

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