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These would be more like a camouflage passport considering it lacks systematic registration. Forged passports apparently carry all secret features of real passports with the same quality giving it a semi legal status. However, it’s seriously difficult and a huge risk to travel using a Fake Passport that is not issued by authorized agencies. First of all you may need to exit the country where I am sure you will be tested for the validity of such a passport and then the country you are entering into would also run a few checks to ensure the validity of the passport.We produce fake passports for some clients overnight/ 2 days maximum for disguise purposes and not fake passports for legal usage as we strongly hold firm our clients’ safety.


That depends on what you want to use it for. Our laser beamed fake passports can probably be used to open a bank account or get a drivers’ license, or allow a minor to purchase alcohol. In international travel, it is pretty uncommon for a fake passport to be good enough to get past US/EU passport control, but it is rarely intended to: most people who board a flight with a fake passport intend to apply for asylum upon arrival, so the document only has to be good enough to get past airlines’ ticket counter and boarding staff. NB: We don’t advise our clients to use our fake or unregistered documents for legal transactions because you might end up in problems if system registration does not authenticate.


Yes it is, but it only takes ONE official along the many that you encounter when traveling to notice you, your fake document and off you go.

fake passports that work

Can you say that you are 100% familiar with the stringency of the immigration processes for various countries? Don’t be fooled by what looks like lax procedures or bored/indifferent border officials or those who do accept incentives on the side. But to answer the question about authenticity, you and your documents present themselves at a border and depending on the technology your documents are validated in any number of ways. For most countries, your “”Passport” will be zipped thru a piece of machinery that reads MRZ codes, which are the funny symbols at the bottom of MRZ enabled. Those are not random funny symbols. They mean something to a machine. Now, this process MAY be done within your line of sight, or it may be done somewhere else. Typically, your credentials are also run against INTERPOL as well (Overseas). If you are traveling on a path that is any way connected to entry within the US, your info will be run against a number of databases.

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